Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Camellia Sinensis The tea plant

Camellia Sinensis The tea plant. All true teas derive from this plant. Black, green, oolong, and white tea are true teas. Herbal, rooibos, mate, fruit and herb are called tisanes. The characterizations of each of these teas are based from cultivation to the process to prepare the leaves establishes the tea's classification. Cultivation for a high grade tea are all hand picked. What time of year, dry or humid day, morning, afternoon or 3am, plants that pollinate in the vicinity, altitude, soil, and location gives its flavor distinction. Black teas, the leaves are withered, rolled, sifted, and fermented. Green teas, the leaves are withered often, steamed or pan frying and rolled. No fermentation keeps the leaf a greenish color. Oolong a tea can be produced more black or it can be produced more green. The tea leaves are withered, rolled, twisted, and semi-fermented. It is a craft to make a nice Oolong, White tea is the most rarest. Its cultivation is only twice a year in early March. The tea leaves are steamed and dried. These are the basics to Tea 101, I will be touching on health benefits one tea at a time and health benefits also for the tisanes. Joining me with these tea facts will help you when you select a tea when gloria's Tea Shoppe opens.

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