Friday, August 6, 2010

Dilmah takes 1st Place in Tea Championship!


First Place Award! Dilmah Tea/ Unity Brands Group LLC announces Dilmah Pure Chamomile Flowers has won First Place in the Unflavored Herbal Blends category of the Hot Tea Class.
Took place at the North American Tea Championship 2010 

To choose the recipient of this award, the judging panel of professional cuppers assessed each submission through blind organoleptic analysis of the following characteristics: dry leaf; brewed color; brewed aroma; brewed flavor; brewed mouth-feel; brewed harmony.  The ratings of each characteristic were then used to calculate an overall numerical value on a 100-point scale, and winners were determined by rank.  Tasting over 215 teas.  
Dilmah Pure Chamomile Flowers received an 84-Very Good: a tea with superior characteristics.
The Hot Tea Class is evaluated twice a year; July for spring teas and February for fall teas.
Dimah Tea founded by Merrill J. Fernando in 1988.  Returning to real tea. An 100% Pure Ceylon Tea. Unblended tea not like other competitors that dominate store shelves. Dilmah is the world's first fully vertically integrated family tea company.  Grown in the beautiful hills of Sri Lanka and then packaged within days of harvesting then off to the market place to the consumer.  Optimum freshness and high antioxidants than other brands.
Not only is Dilmah the finest tea on earth, it's also the world's first Ethical tea, where  many "fair trade"profits made in the USA; very little flows back.  Earnings from Dilmah remain in Sri Lanka, are shared with workers and the community and are reinvested to help make tea a sustainable crop and  brings a higher quality of life in developing country. MJF Charitable Foundations created, where 10 percent of the proceeds go back to the community, for programs like the hearing impaired and blind school for children, small entrepreneur program, and the conservation of endangered animals and their habitat to name just a few.  Dilmah Home Website
Unity Brands Group was founded in 2007 by Praful Mehta, an exclusive U.S.distributor of Dilmah and a veteran of the specialty food industry. Praful has developed a unique niche in the industry and gained strong business relationships with the retailers, distributors and brokers across the country while developing strong partnerships with companies from North America, Europe and Southeast Asia. 

What is this flower all about?
Chamomile (Chamomillae romanae)
It is a one-year plant, which reaches a height of approx. Chamomile contains essential oils such as angeloyl, methacryl and flavenoids. 

Health Benefits

The Chemiewerke Hamburg Pharmacy of West Germany found that it reduces gastric acid and helps prevent ulcers.  It also promoted tissue regeneration after patients had operations on implicated in ulcers and the skin swelling, puffy eyes and headaches brought about on by allergies, nervousness, and depression.  It is given to children for digestive and hyperactive problems.

Chamomile is known for its health benefits, a gentle and relaxing herb enjoyed by Europeans as a tonic and aromatherapy. Ancient Egyptians dedicated it to their sun god.
The daisy-like Chamomile flower has an uplifting aroma reminiscent of applesThe Greeks named Chamomiles "kamai melon" (ground apple) inspired by its distinct apple like fragrance and the Spanish called it Manzanilla or "little apple".

Begin your bedtime tea ritual with Dilmah Pure Chamomile Flowers, naturally caffeine free, with its soothing aroma and very delicate flavor.
This infusion is gentle and delicate and should be enjoyed straight, without milk or sugar.  If desired, add a dash of honey to sweeten, and a mint leaf as a garnish. 

Dilmah Pure Chamomile Flowers is available in two series. 
Dilmah Infusions Pure Chamomile Flowers in The Dilmah Exotics and
Dilmah Pure Chamomile Flowers in t-series   Luxury Bag and Loose Leaf

Congratualations!  Dilmah and Unity Brands Group LLC.  Pure Chamomile Flowers a tea with superior characteristics.

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