Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dilmah Watte

Dilmah Watte series SINGLE REGION TEA

High Grown 6,000 above sea level
  Sri Lanka has over 200 thousand acres of tea gardens on this beautiful island from the lush cool mountains of Nuwara Eliya to the finest low country of Ratnapura District each elevation hold its unique qualities that make tea a specific personality.
  What gives the tea its personality? They call it "terroir".  Terroir in tea is the climate, soil, and topography.
  Humidity, cool temperatures, and rainfall are all the elements needed to produce a fine high quality tea in higher elevation. For lower elevation, exposed to more sunshine, dry, warmer and an moist conditions are the elements that give its personality to a lower elevation.
High Grown 5,000 feet above sea level
Mid Grown 3000 feet above sea level
A common mistake when brewing a high elevation tea, the characteristic is a light honey color, would call the tea weak in its brew only to think it should perform as a lower elevation to be a full strength, full bodied, and dark mahogany liquor, when in fact should be a delicate, light and mellow tea. Another mistake is to be accustomed to a quick brew CTC (Cut Twist Curl) process that is developed for fast brewing, higher caffeine content, losing the character and real taste of tea.  
Dilmah offers the traditional and orthodox process that has been perfected for generations.  Quality and taste is consistently maintained tasting 6,000 cups of tea each week to select only the finest for Dilmah.
Dilmah offers the 
Dilmah WATTE means "estate".  Merrill J. Fernando had the tea aficiando in mind a selection of pure Ceylon tea from four main tea growing regions that was crafted with care, pride and passion.
Low Grown upto 1,000 feet above sea level

WATTE Single Region comes in loose leaf.  All Dilmah's teas are harvested and packaged at the source, a guarantee garden freshness and the key to locking in higher antioxidants than competitors.

 Some years ago, Americans drank mainly Ceylon Tea, the world's finest.  Today, almost any brand you buy is a multi-origin blend that is a mix of teas from several countries, in order to lower cost. Dilmah, new to the U.S. is the number one brand of authentic 100% Single Origin Ceylon Tea in 94 countries.

Dilmah is the world's first ethical tea.  Ten percent of Dilmah's global sales remain in Sri Lanka to be shared with workers, the community and reinvested in the industry to make tea sustainable.  Dilmah is a family business with family values concerned for the Dilmah worker as the customer.  Dilmah Founder Merrill J. Fernando, established the MJF Charitable Foundation over 100 different projects which touch the lives of over 10,000 underprivileged  Sri Lankans. 
The more I drink Dilmah tea I can appreciate a Yata Watte in the morning for a good strong cup to make me alert and ready for the day and pick up my cup again around 4pm and have a higher elevation tea that is light and crisp just enough to recollect myself and ponder my day without feeling anxious but calm and serene to finish the day.

Dilmah WATTE will make you the discerning tea drinker to be enjoyed and appreciated in all elevations. RAN WATTE, UDA WATTE, MEDA WATTE, and YATA WATTE. 
Will be covering WATTE SINGLE ESTATE TEA The Most Exclusive Tea in the World  Stay Tuned

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