Saturday, November 13, 2010

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The History of "High Tea"

Nowadays, especially in Europe, the High Tea is back in town: lots of cafes, tea bars and restaurants have a typical English High Tea on the Menu.  It contains lots of sweet and mellow muffins, short bread, chocolate and white bread sandwiches.  and the the Tea, almost forgot it was a High Tea, so tell me, from all the High Teas you have consumed, do you remember the food or the Tea you drink?
Yes, indeed, we don't remember the Tea at all!
So let me tell you a little history about this subject, why is it called High Tea and how did it evolve?
In contrast to the elegance and refinement of the English "afternoon tea", the Industrial Revolution had led to the development of a working class, evening meal called the "High Tea".  it was a robust, satisfying spread of hearty foods, accompanies with a pot of fresh strong black loose leaf tea, served around 5:30-6pm to welcome the workers home from their long shifts in factories, mines, workshops and offices.
The point of the afternoon tea was to chat and gossip, accompanied by a nice cup of tea in the garden or drawing room (especially for the ladies).  But the point of high tea was to replace all the calories that been burned up during the 12 hours of working during the day and was served in the kitchen or dining room, with all the family members around the table. So it seems like we have merged the two together: the classic style of afternoon tea for women with the hearty and sweet high caloric food table for the high tea for men!
As we don't work 12 hours in a row without eating and do not excessive physical work anymore, we actually have to make a new style of high tea:    Delight Tea
You can serve nice small bites of food, but instead of high in calories, make it light, tasty and pair with high quality leaf Tea.
To start off, I have made a special Delight Tea Menu, with
Tea & Food pairing which you can try to make at home, and enjoy it fully.
Let me know when you have created your own special light  
Food & Tea pairing!
The D-light "T" Experience
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Kasia would love to hear about your interpretation of a D-Light "T" Experience.
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Anonymous said...

what's the music playing in the background? its lovely

Gloria's Tea Cuppe said...

Thank you. On the sidebar there is a playlist. It will give you the artist name and song. ON the left upper corner it will give you a YouTube video. What a novelty! Enjoy