Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gloria's Tea Shoppe will showcase Dilmah Tea!

Distinctly Dilmah, a Single Origin Ceylon Tea, 100% Ceylon Tea. True Ethical Tea, more than Fair Trade where multi-origin blended teas from around the world are prominent in a teabag. From harvesting to packaging the tea in 48 hours and shipped to its destination sustains a freshness that offers twice ORAC levels and optimum antioxidant content than any other competitor.  Dilmah Tea is the top-selling tea in 10 countries, one of 10 best in the world and is in 94 countries. Dilmah has a School of Tea in France a program in tea education, serving of tea, tea and bringing fusion of tea  and the culinary arts together. The MJF  Charitable Foundation was created for the community to restore fortunes in Sri Lanka ,a developing country, that would benefit the worker to a commitment and involvement to staff, client, workers and the consumer. Dilmah brings to Sri Lanka a higher quality of life. A step further, Dilmah Conservation a fund to protecting endangered species and its habitat.  
Gloria's Tea Shoppe will be the First in the State of Arizona to showcase Dilmah Tea. Not only is Gloria's Tea Shoppe showcasing Dilmah but can offer tea education, proper preparation, tea tasting and exploring the tea consumer distinct palate.
Dilmah is exclusive in Black, Green, Oolong and White tea.  Offered in Dilmah Gourmet and Premium Teas,  Ceylon Green Tea, Single Estate and Watte Loose Teas, Boutique t-series and, Dilmah White Tea. 
How did I hear about Dilmah? My dear friend Lisa was quick to say Dilmah is the best tea in Australia. That friends that drink Dilmah  "will only drink Dilmah."  Investigating the history of Dilmah,  reading about founder Merrill J. Fernando in his pilgrimage to great tea, to Praful Mehta who I spoke to, enthusiastically gave direction and support, I found that Dilmah Tea will ultimately bring great success to Gloria's Tea Shoppe and will satisfy the tea enthusiast in the tea experience. 
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