Sunday, May 30, 2010

Costco Children's Miracle Network

Welcome to Gloria's Tea Cuppe  newcomer, novice or a tea enthusiast, an informational platform for Tea.  Introducing Dilmah Tea, a Single Origin Tea,  Gloria's Tea Shoppe's premier Tea.   We hope you come and visit us here at Gloria's Tea Cuppe.  Thank you friends that came out to support us and all our future customers.  Gloria's Tea Shoppe will serve your Tea Ritual needs here in the Tri City Area and the state of Arizona.   
 On May 22nd Gloria's Tea Shoppe had the opportunity to debut with 32 other businesses to participate in a benefit for Phoenix Children's Hospital.   Renowned for specializing in life threatening diseases, illnesses and an advocate for life in every situation.   Its caring staff and compassion, they will not turn anyone away no matter their circumstances. 
Costco would match our donation.
   Purchasing the teapots, samovar, Zjorushi pot, t-sacs, tea equipment and the most exciting purchasing Dilmah Tea.  Preparing for this event was quite the task our options to represent our company were limited but do able.  No tea tasting and we could not sell our products but only take orders.  No problem.  Stapled 400 literature pamphlets on Tea Health Benefits, Caffeine Content Chart, Business Brochure, Dilmah / Letsdotea Tea Packet and Gloria's Tea Shoppe Business Card.   Raffle. Have to have a raffle.  A basket full of goodies.  

The doors were opened and we were all in our places.  We lifted our voices and beckoned the customer.  "Coffee or tea drinker? Come and receive your sample of tea. What tea do you drink? Dilmah is a single origin tea. From Sri Lanka.  Harvested and packaged within a few days. The freshest tea and high levels of antioxidants.  In 94 countries. Number one in ten countries and arrived to the USA 3 years ago. . . .Please sign up for the raffle. Gloria's Tea Shoppe an internet store front. Our store front will be opening soon. I have your number here."  From 9:30am to 2pm we stood sharing our tea.  We had all our teaware in front of us and 96% only inquired about the tea. Interesting the people and their stories. The samovar was the draw and the prerequisite to make a remark about it was they had traveled, they owned one themselves and they were senior citizens. Their adventures took me around the globe a couple of times. Their excitement about tea and their tea rituals were contagious, it brought crowds. I was at one end of the table, Candice at the other end and TammiLynn Photography/helper we were all hopping to give everyone their samples and any information they needed to know.  
Yes Gloria's Tea Shoppe's Website is building at this moment. Gloria's Tea Cuppe is the official blog that will accompany Gloria's Tea Shoppe. 
Thank you again for you patronage. 
 Our Raffle winner  Ta Ta Da Daah   KATY CRAGO of Prescott.