Thursday, July 22, 2010

“Whipping up breakfast for a cause – learning about charity the Dilmah way”

“Whipping up breakfast for a cause – learning about charity the Dilmah way”

Anytime you take familiarity and place it in a foreign place there is always change.  Listening and viewing the Chef and the Tea Maker you can hear the awe in the chefs testimonies what MJF Charitable Foundation can do for a people the Dilmah way.  The Chef and the Tea maker set on the island of Sri Lanka away from 
their comforts and working surroundings were dismantled of their controlled environment and then brought to a foreign land to develop a new sense of smell, palate and perception through ethnic cuisine, culture, sport and appreciation of a people.  
Dilmah's success came from a combination of Ceylon's finest tea and the efforts of workers and the community.  When founder Merrill J. Fernando in launching his brand of tea in 1988,  made a pledge that Dilmah would be an ethical tea,  the producer’s own brand of tea and the producer would benefit from it. Hence, rewards from Dilmah flow back to Ceylon’s tea industry, to its workers and to the wider community.    Link to MJF Charitable News 

Out of this ethical tea principle MJF Charitable Foundation was born.  MJF Charitable Foundation  created several programs: Small Entrepreneur Program, MJF built 8 preschools, AIDEX program to help supply limbs for artificial limb users, MJF partnered with Columbo Hilton a program with making and displaying teapots for a fund to build a preschool in a rural village, Vesak Lantern Competition a program for underprivileged children without basic amenities, shelter, food, social environment, and schooling. They are given the opportunity to live a higher quality of life, MJF facilitated a program to reintegrate 113 reformed prisoners, and Sri Lanka's habitat, Dilmah Conservation. These are to name just few programs.
The Chef and the Tea Maker chefs made and served an English breakfast for the MJF sponsored school of the blind and the hearing impaired for children and followed by an extraordinary a game of cricket.  They so happened to be the Asian Cricket Champions.  

The chefs just had to play with blindfolds. 

The words I heard quite often was "humbled" and "emotional". 

It was an exceptional event in a exceptional place with exceptional chefs that served exceptionally to a wonderful people.      
            Here are the chefs :
Peter Kuruvita(Australia)Flying Fish                              Mario Holtzem(Belgium)Hanger 58     Matias Palomo(Chile)Sukalde Gastronomical Centre  

Tomas Rimydis(Lithuania)Diverso at Reval Neris Hotel      
Robert Schinkel/Tea Sommelier Champion     Shane Yardley(New Zealand)Bistro Lago Hilton       Jarslow Uscinski (Poland)Moonsfera Restaurant       Rohan Fernandopulle(Sri Lanka)Columbo Hilton             Shahid Latif(Maldives)Four Seasons Resort       Radim Gerlich(Czech Republic) Aromi Italian Restaurant Prague       Makul Agarwal(India)Hilton New Delhi
Frank van der Zande(Netherlands)Umoja Food             
Reference Chef  Bernd Uber Now in Australia 50 years experience and involved in judging in competitions for 25 years.
                                            Charity the Dilmah way.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Chefs and the Tea Maker 2010

Chefs and the Tea Maker 2010 goes global.  Celebrated chefs from over 12 countries will be represented in this gastronomic event in various locations in Sri Lanka.  This event enhances the chefs inspiration through culture, environment, exotic flavors that  entices the palate, the aroma, and the presentation.  New aspects of their culinary skills will be broaden in knowledge of the varieties of new ethnic influences that can be brought home to be appreciated and enjoyed.

Dilmah is exceptional in exhibiting and passing knowledge of the wide uses of tea. Infusion of tea and water are the basics with a little creativity from local traditions the results can be fabulous.  Dilmah tea infusions will be represented in 4 categories: First category will be in the Hot Beverage Platform recipes that will have ingredients that may include natural spices and herbs. Second category will be in the Chilled Beverage Platform also including natural ingredients. Third category will be the High Tea Plate Platform. A tea ritual that is once again revived. A choice of a sweet or savory balanced in flavor of tea or accompanied with a tea that enhances the food. For example a salmon dish paired with a Japanese sencha tea or shortbread cookies infused with Earl Grey.  All chefs in advance were able to design the menu and recipes in the Fourth Platform of Four Course Menu that consist of a warm starter, soup or sorbet, entree/main course and dessert.  An option to create a petite fours will attract merit and complete an overall tea experience. Do not be surprised to see a explosion of new heights of gastronomic breakthroughs that will will challenge the culinary world. 
All this begins on July 16th and finalizes on the 26th of July.  Included here is a recipe of a Creme Brulee with Marsala Chai & Citrus Biscotti by Paul Brown, Chef of Mantra Erskine Beach Resort. Chefs and the Tea Maker (link)2008 Recipe E-Book   

The Dilmah Tea Family and Merrill J. Fernando, the founder of Dilmah Tea and the MJF Foundation, will be present to give appreciation and support in their passion of culinary expression through tea.   Dilmah a Single Origin Tea a beautiful tea enjoyed by many in 95 countries coming to you. Returning to Real Tea. Dilmah!