Monday, February 28, 2011

Special K's Corner

Horecava 2011 Please turn Music Player off at bottom of blog to watch Videos
Dearest readers of Special K's Corner,
It has been an amazing kick off with 2011 in my work as a tea sommelier and food inspirator.

But as promised, we filmed the big Horeca event in the Netherlands in January, where we were the first ones with a Tea & Food experience. 
The people were amazed and surprised, that tea could be so exciting, sexy, delicious and a source of inspiration. Chef Frank created special food bites with tea as an ingredient and I made a food & tea pairing with that.  You have to imagine that our stand was more than just a table with a chef cooking.  It was set up as a sushi bar, with Frank van der Zande and Robert Schinkel and I behind it, and people could come and sit every hour to experience and taste our presentation.
I talked about the history of tea, the way it grows and how it is to be produced and the quality differences. Also what we served and why we served it in this manner. so it was more that just a simple tasting session.  All senses were involved from the taste buds of your tongue, to your eyes then to your nose.
It was a real pleasure to do and we got all the publicity that was possible towards our stand and the Dilmah Tea & Food Experience. I would say, enjoy the short video and follow me as a International Tea host too at 

and of course Gloria's Tea Cuppe.   Hope you enjoy it!
The  Horecava 2011 event was such great Dilmah event that a Dutch video of the Dilmah Team at work.     

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