Monday, January 31, 2011

Chefs & the Teamaker 2010 participant Matias Palomo from Chile speaking on Tea Gastronomy, featured on CNN Chile

Chefs & the Teamaker 2010 participant Matias Palomo from Chile speaking on Tea Gastronomy, featured on CNN Chile<  Click here
When Chef and the Tea Maker was covered by GTC in July, Chile was the first country to visit GTC site.

Family and friends in Chile and other South American countries desired to read about Chef Matias Palomo from Chile. Today on Chile CNN Chef Matias shared about his gastronomic trip to Sri Lanka and the Dilmah School of Tea where he was introduced to tea in a different manner. Tea preparation is very important in a proper hot or a glass of iced tea. A cup of chilled tea will make a refreshing glass of iced tea with fruit in season, or an exclusive cocktail or a tea shake. 

The School of Tea took the chefs to 9 locations in Sri Lanka. Each location represented a place that tea had its expression.  Tea fields, MJF Charitable Foundation, MJF Conservation, Sri Lankan culture and culinary dishes, camping, camaraderie and learning the fine art of tea. 

One of the basic points of tea is the subject of the "terroir" aspect of tea just as you would find in wine. "Terroir" means "land" in french. Tea is characterized by the climate, topography, geography, soil, weather, humidity, temperature, winds and time of day.  This will denote the different varieties in tea.
Sri Lanka made an imprint in Chef Matias life and now shares with his fellow Chileans.

It was pleasure to cover Chef Matias Palomo. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Dilmah News-USA

Michigan and Dilmah are team players in the US. It is not surprising. The football team of The University of Michigan, the Wolverines have the most incredible fans.  I had just watched a documentary on two rival football teams Michigan and Ohio. They have loyalty, spirit and fight.  From generation to generation Wolverine fans show their homage, from their infant wearing a Wolverine jersey or have their graduating high school student apply for the University of Michigan, and that would be part of their family tree. It is true a Michigonian or Michiganite(?) will let you know where there are from. I can make a list on top of my head of all my friends that came from Michigan and what city they came from.  To know the Dilmah team in Michigan are doing a fantastic job, well....let us say they are from Michigan and they do it with Michigan spirit.
The Michigan Stadium is ready and playing. 
Dilmah is playing and serving at 

Hour Detroit’s choice for its 2011 Restaurant of the Year.

Motor City Casino Hotel
Dilmah now proudly served at best known address in Detroit, Michigan. Motor City Casino Hotel is one of the select few AAA Four Diamond hotels in the Detroit area. With 400 custom suites and rooms, MotorCity Casino Hotel is a fusion of art and luxury, offering unrivaled elegance with the latest in technology and amenities. An experience of quality and indulgence that must be experienced to be understood. Please visit

For a European flair in Birmingham, Michigan

 Dilmah now exclusively 
served at the luxury Townsend Hotel in MI. The Townsend Hotel is a gem of European elegance, tucked away amidst the pleasing parks, sophisticated designer shops and nationally acclaimed art galleries.
The Townsend Hotel is a Forbes 4-Star and AAA 4-Diamond hotel, as well as a perennial favorite on the Condé Nast top hotels. Also, winner of 2010 "World's Best Awards" by TRAVEL & LEISURE Magazine and Zagat's - America's Top Restaurants 2010. A haven for the most discerning travelers, its splendid combination of amenities, service and setting await your pleasure.
Dilmah tea is in over 98 countries and the number one tea in ten countries.

Merrill J. Fernando founder of Dilmah, gave a lifetime commitment to tea. Pure Ceylon tea. Fresh and ethical.
Dilmah has made tea sustainable in Sri Lanka.  Dilmah global sales has helped thousands of Sri Lankans better their lives through the MJF Charitable Foundation to assist entrepreneurs, take slum children off
 the street and give them shelter and a education. It is just a couple programs to the hundred programs  that aid Sri Lankans every year.