Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2008 Chef and the Teamaker Recipe Book

My heart felt prayers towards Japan at this time. The wounds of this nation are devastating hopefully recovery will be quick.

2012 plans are set for my trip to Sri Lanka. My desire was spurred by the Chef and the Teamaker event and following the  Chef and the Teamaker Blog it was very inspiring and quite the teaser. Obvious my references and posts on this event seem very numerous but it can not be out dated. My heart was pulled in. I fell in love with all that Dilmah Tea represented; the Chefs, the Sri Lankans, MJF Charitable Foundation and the MJF Conservation, sustainability, Mr. Fernando and his sons Dilhan and Malik.  The CTM blog was something I looked forward to reading and sitting at my spectator chair, actually being entertained and then of course my heart was wrenched here and there when the Chefs interacted with the locals and the children, my thoughts following this excursion "oh this must be shared and this Camellia Sinensis plant, it is true, it made the world go around at one time in history, well, I think it could happen again" This concept what Dilmah  tea was all about, I felt, like I was sold on Amway. This is pure business but it involved masses of people and different levels at one time.  Sri Lanka's history is so interesting when it concerns the Camellia Sinensis. A nation that  had harvested coffee, before tea infiltrated the country, until a fungus had infected the plant and became an epidemic and ruined the crops thus had to find another crop that could replace it. The Camellia Sinensis plant worked out perfect, it would not succumb to the fungus from growing in the shade. Voilá. or Eureka a crop that would sustain herself in this climate and a great export product. A reversal that would benefit in the long run.   

For more History of Ceylon Tea 
Here are the Australian Chefs that represent the Recipe book in Sri Lanka. Enjoy!  
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Thee sommelier 2011 from Food Inspiration on Vimeo.

Mr.Fernando's vision of what a pure single origin Ceylon tea could do was not sheer luck but a passion that was fulfilled in a 40 year span.   Nothing I believe is coincidence. Mr. Fernando's principals in giving of his sustenance - Ten percent of global sales, wow, stays in Sri Lanka for the tea workers and the MJF Foundation. Heart for the Sri Lankan people - Mr. Fernando's represented a generation that it was not all about self but what was for the greater good for a people and a nation. I think of President Kennedy's Inaugural Address "And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country."  Sustainability met that need.  MJF Charitable Foundation  is not just a charity but many avenues to make steps for a better life for the Sri Lankan and social justice around the world through good business.  It could be replicated in any place in the world.       
A tea leaf, Camellia Sinensis - Could make the world go around, again.
            Business is a matter of human service

Well, here is wonderful time to pick up my tea cuppe of pure Ceylon Dilmah Exceptional Peppermint and English Toffee tea and read
Chef and the TeaMaker 2008 Recipe Book    

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dilmah News-USA

How important is it for some people to just sit down and relax. I have many guests come to my home and if I get a creature that are antsy and always on the go, they can not leave until  they experience the ritual of having a cup of Dilmah tea after a meal or just enjoying good conversation.  The ritual just does not end there because if the group moves, what must we do? Find another location to do the same.  Location, Location, Location. Dilmah tea searches for those special places that makes a difference, Dilmah tea creates an experience.
We have three new locations that Dilmah has made available to tea drinkers across the states and coming closer to your hometown.
Ristorante Café Cortina is a perfect place to have a real tea experience. Since 1976 Café Cortina had established an atmosphere of hospitality bringing in warm hearts with expectancy of tantalizing Italian cuisine. 2010 Zagat Survey recognized Café Cortina as one of America's best restaurants, The second-generation owners, well versed in food, wine and travel.
Awarded through the years, including the AAA Four Diamond award, the Wine Spectator Award and Michigan's 2003 Restaurant of the Year.  Cafe´Cortina has also been featured on the Food Network's "Best Of".
Café Cortina is capable of accommodating affairs from 10 to 1000 and spread over 2 acres. Thinking of reasons to plan an event,  here is a list a few; rehearsal dinners, wedding/baby showers, Bar Mitzfah, tea tasting, conference audio/visual, conference call capabilities, and those special moment events. Cortina Gardens grow the aromatic herbs and vegetables used in their distinctive style of cooking.  Location: Metropolitan Detroit  http://www.cafecortina.com/
Home is where the heart is. So many of us would just love to stay home and enjoy their own Dilmah Tea ritual. Good news comes to you if you live in Washington state and Portland, Oregon. Division of Kroger Co.  the Quality Food Centers is a supermarket based in Bellevue, Washington, with over 75 stores in the Puget Sound region and also in the Portland metropolitan area.
Dilmah Gourmet tea selection;  English Breakfast for a strong brew to get up and go. The best Earl Grey in the world, a marriage of pure single origin Ceylon black tea and aromatic bergamot, a must and Ceylon Supreme a medium strength comforting tea for all occasions. Dilmah Ceylon Green Tea is the freshest green tea on store shelves, it has been handpicked, harvested and packaged at the source within days.  It really makes a difference when drinking green tea. Not bitter, grassy or old. But fresh, smooth, quality taste and refreshing. Natural Green tea is a favorite, a surprise to every green tea lover. A second cup will guarantee to follow.  Ceylon Green Tea with Real Cinnamon, Ceylon Green Tea with Ginger, and Ceylon Green Tea with Natural Moroccan Mint all consist of 20 tea bags. A real tea experience in your own comfortable surroundings.
Robert Redford's Sundance Cinemas, San Francisco.  Entertainment, business, and a bistro/bar is a location that you can linger for  hours.  Walk through entry doors you can veer to many destinations with different purposes. This establishment is set up for multiple purposes  for the filming industry. The state of the art movie theater boasts of amenities consisting of 8 Auditoriums, Screening Rooms, An Art Gallery curated with selected local artists Pre-function rooms for additional space or privacy, Theater tech capabilities and Screening rooms.
Kabuki- BALCONY BAR/ BAR BISTRO-  Dilmah Tea greets the guest with confidence and delivery. Tea that sets the mood for your day or night. Good tasting, brimming with antioxidants and the greatest part of this wonderful ambiance is you can toke your cup of tea into Auditorium #1 on the third floor balcony and watch your film/movie.  It is a designated time to relax.  Kabuki also fares a bistro in an intimate setting where you can order Dilmah Tea to accompany your dish before or after showtime for an evening tea to energize to finish the night.  Walking around the premises to view the work of local artists with my cup of Dilmah Tea is a promise to myself on my to do list when I am in San Francisco @ Sundance Kabuki Cinemas.