Friday, May 27, 2011

Prescott Costco Children's Miracle Network

Every year Costco has a business show to sponsor and donate towards the Phoenix Children's Hospital and the National Children's Medical Center.   It is the world's largest children's donation. Costco's across America participate in many different avenues and in Prescott, Gloria's Tea Shoppe with Hotel Vendome, Wild Iris Coffeehouse, Taj Mahal in Prescott, Bistro @ Royal Hawaiian and Bin 239 gave in joint donation for the Children's Miracle Network. A fund that has directly or indirectly has touched a child and placed in the care of the Phoenix Children's Hospital.

Gloria's Tea Shoppe is announcing a blog for Arizona Dilmah Tea establishments. Where each establishment will be showcasing each Dilmah Establishments history, location, events, and fun stories.  Giving a sense of community and partnership through Dilmah. Costco Children's Miracle Network last year was the announcement of Gloria's Tea Shoppe this year is the announcement of Prescott's Dilmah Establishments. Photos and posts will be showcasing each establishment.
Hotel Vendome will be the first blog.
Let me introduce to you Prescott's Finest that were showcased at the Costco business show.

Hotel Vendome My beginning was the Vendome. I was drawn by its history, quaint bed and breakfast feel to it, and the location a block and half from the Courthouse Plaza across from the famous Whiskey Row.   New owners, Eric and Stephanie Marichal just returned from their honeymoon, of this 1917 landmark cozy 21 room hotel. They had big sights where they wanted to be. Watching the Vendome transform has been a delight. Dilmah t- series served to their guests, renovated rooms, live music in the evening, outside seating for breakfast, ghostly stories, and #2 of 24 hotels posted on the TripAdvisor. To experience a small western town Hotel Vendome is a great place to stay.
Wild Iris Coffeehouse greets the customer with a fountain at the courtyard and walking in brings you to inviting eclectic, traditional, french, whimsy decor and overlooking the Granite Creek downtown Prescott. Julie Gorman is not only the owner but is a mom to others and continues to keep relationships with the leaving staff. Meet up front to make your order of Dilmah t-series selection and if you would like to take it home Dilmah t-series, Dilmah Celebrations gifts sets and Dilmah Single Estate. Students alike bring their computers and enjoy the desserts, light lunches, coffee, espressos and teas. The staff love to work on their latte art. Ask for a Dilmah Italian Almond Latte!
Taj Mahal in Prescott East Indian food. Yum. Gil and Cindy Singh moved their location to one block from the Courthouse Plaza.  Known for their buffets, belly dancing, Latin and Jazz music, comedy nights and hookah nights. They have quite the following. Authentic Indian food is delicious with Dilmah Tea Exotics and Dilmah Gourmet and Dilmah Green Gourmet. Afternoon tea or after dinner tea is great way to relax with friends, family and enjoy the entertainment.

BIN239 Oven-fired pizzas and wine list to food pair with your meal. Kelley and Karen Keller has made it one of Prescott hots spots.  Arizona Highways list it has one of 25 Best Restaurants in Arizona and Phoenix Magazine's list of the 75 Best Restaurants in Arizona. To keep wine as their theme Bin 239 offer an Exclusive Dilmah Tea Menu you may choose from  loose leaf Dilmah t-series and Watte Single Region. Brewed in a tea press and served in a wine glass.  Dilmah sets the mood at this location and will eventually move from your table to the couches in front of the fire.

Bistro @ Royal Hawaiian in Prescott Lakes where slow cooking is worth the wait. Clyde and Lynette Woods have loyal customers calling ahead and stay to hang out to converse. Their children help prepare and cook and all have aspirations to go to culinary school. Thin crust pizzas and paninis that you dream about for the next visit. Make room for dessert a must and paired up with the right Dilmah Tea. The Bistro created a Dilmah Tea Menu and a Afternoon Tea Time.  Serving Dilmah t-series. A small Dilmah store. Retailing Dilmah t-series, Gourmet, Green Gourmet, Dilmah Exotics, Dilmah Premier, Watte Single Estate and Dilmah Celebrations Gift sets. Find a couch and enjoy an Afternoon Dilmah Tea Time. Next door they own Veritas Wine Cellar and Wine School.
A five hour event and 3000 people coming through.  Gloria's Tea Shoppe had displayed each Prescott Dilmah establishment, Dilmah Tea Menus, restaurant menus, Dilmah products retailed at the establishment, what and how Dilmah Tea is being served and special Dilmah Tea events at their location and business cards.  Video of the Introduction of Dilmah, MJF Charitable Foundation and the Netherlands Horecava 2011 hosted by Kasia Vermaire through Sipped TV. Opportunities to share about Dilmah Tea and the MJF Charitable Foundation were a highlight. Passing out envelopes of Dilmah Gourmet and Green Gourmet was a treat for the Costco member especially since no tea tasting nor retailing could be promoted.  Business' came forward to inquire and Costco members even had given suggestions where they would like to see Dilmah served.
"Business is a matter of human service" something Dilmah stands behind and Gloria's Tea Shoppe would like to implement this stance in business. Dilmah gives 10% of global sales towards the MJF Charitable Foundation and Dilmah Conservation.