Thursday, July 21, 2011

US Dilmah Team


The story of tea is a beautiful story beginning with its ancient history, health benefits, the tea pickers and Dilmah gave it the capability to touch lives through sustainability. Dilmah a family business taken the Camellia Sinensis made it ethically sound, birthing the philosophy that business is a matter of human service. What business should be naturally. The Dilmah team was introduced to Dilhan C. Fernando.  Dilhan conveyed this story of tea with passion. It rekindled and brought back to remembrance why I chose Dilmah. As a student to its teacher I too desire to replicate this story to clients, friends and family with that same passion.  In between all of this the US Dilmah team initially met all for the first time. Praful Mehta, President, Unity Brands Group was able to put a few voices to our faces.  Joe Belli, Daniel Patrona, Dilmah Corporate Chef and Renise Lereche, all of UBG, was included in my first meeting.  David M.Wagner, Saguaro 66 Merchandising and Pete Papageorge, Century Services Inc. were included in the same meeting. Dora Su of Dandos Distributors, we had already met in San Diego we connected the following night and I brought Anna Keppel a Dilmah Tea enthusiast, it was an experience she did not expect. We all acquainted ourselves quickly since there had already been telephone conversations in the past. 

Dilhan not only shared but he listened, asked questions, and asked what our wish list would be with Dilmah tea. I believe all of us did not choose to just market but chose issues and venues that were close to our hearts. The time together was fruitful and very enjoyable. The following day we would set up.
Praful and Daniel, Pure Chamomille Flowers 1st Place
It was Dilmah's first appearance at the WTE. Last year UBG had entered t-series Pure Chamomile Flowers in the Unflavored Herbal Category and landed First Place. This year competed in the Winner's Circle Competition and received First Place again.  Voted with 3 colored chips for each category we even received colored chips that did not represent our category. Daniel Patrona showcased the competition.  
The Pure Chamomile Flowers are harvested in Egypt. Dilmah selects the farmers and set instructions how it shall be picked for harvesting. Only the chamomile bud and flower, no stems or leaves, would be handpicked.  The chamomile steeped at 180* for 4-5mins, the result an aromatic tisane with a reminiscent of apples.