Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dilmah Tea-Prescott Hotel Vendome

It has been an adventurous journey joining the Dilmah Family. It has been a little over a year and it has been the best business decision I had ever made. Dilmah a family business and now in Prescott, Arizona.  Gloria's Tea Shoppe went out on the road. On its first encounter was Hotel Vendome and it was a match for Dilmah Tea. Eric and Stephanie Marichal, owners, met me at their hotel porch rocking on the their white rocking chairs and greeted me with smiles.

Built in 1917 a historic Inn associated more as a bed and breakfast was built by rancher John Benton (Jack) Jones.  Rates were $1.50 for a single and $2.50 for a double.
  The November 1917 issue of Yavapai Magazine featured a brief article on the new building: "For the past two years Prescott has been suffering for want of houses. To meet the urgent demand for a place to live, the attractive Hotel Vendome on south Cortez Street has been opened early in November. The structure is strictly modern. It is built of red pressed brick and its comfortable home-like appearance must solve the problems of many who are interested in house hunting."

Tom Mix

Tom Mix Room
Tom Mix a cowboy film star would stay at this western hotel a year at a time while doing silent movies. Hollywood celebrities and people from around the world would stay at this quaint inn. Tom Mix room is filled with movie memorabilia and to capture the western ambiance a claw foot bathtub to soak in. Choose packages to suit your needs. A romantic getaway with chocolates, candles, champagne and of course the bubble bath. Family suites are available and long term stays.  The Vendome Christmas' are magical. Following suit with the Christmas City lighted buildings, Christmas trees, special music and the holiday spirit.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Real High Tea Australia

What is the difference between High Tea and Real High Tea? I must admit many high teas in ole days gone by I boasted about the devonshire cream that was flown in from the UK, the Jasmine Pearl tea, only and checking out the dinner ware. The experience was ambiance and socializing.  My love affair with tea still had the social aspect and the tea continued to accompany my mood.  Just one aspect of High Tea that was set apart from Real High Tea that had changed.
In the west there is a saying" the horse does not come before the buggy."  
My experience in times past was to eat my canapes so quickly and not enjoy the tea.  Real High Tea, it is in the tea.  It is all about the tea and it is compliments to its mate.  Tea lifts up your savory or dessert and livens the palate pronouncing the hidden subtleties in a delicacy.  A wonderful experience. A ritual that can be repeated in your own home. My own discovery was Dilmah's Exceptional Valley of the Kings. Brought back from Australia as a gift. Valley of the Kings is a high elevation tea that is crisp, light, sweet and enough astringency that brought out the flavor in my ginger snap cookie. I saved my ginger snap only for my tea.  I would love to hear your findings.   
Back to the "buggy". You must have a quality tea first that is pure, clean tasting, single origin and garden fresh before experiencing properly a good foodpairing. Begin with Dilmah.