Friday, September 7, 2012

Dilmah Tea Trails

Destination Travel Magazine entices with
"Tea Plantations-10 Plantations Where You Can Learn The Art of Tea."
Dilmah Tea Trails makes it effortless with tradition, history, service, comfort and natures ancient herb, the Camellia Sinensis. Tea Plantations article begins on Page 56.

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Anna said...

Thank you for posting this interesting magazine and directing us to the article featuring the Ceylon Tea Trails, in Sri Lanka. What a fabulous place that looks to be. It almost looks surreal. The history of the people and their tea is truly an incredible journey. The Ceylon Tea Trails is a magnificent looking garden of Eden, but Dilmah is much more than a pretty face. The Dilmah Tea Co. has done so much to build this remarkable country and its remarkable people up with sustainable living enterprises that I just had to take the time to commend them. Thank you Dilmah team, and the Fernando family. Some day I hope to join them in Sri Lanka and take it all in myself!