Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Home of Dilmah-A People, A School and Changed Lives.

Merrill J,Fernando, Founder with sons, Malik and Dilhan
Sri Lanka....I am sure many blissful sighs came from many people who had just visited the home of Dilmah.

Dilmah Tea Drinkers from around the world came to celebrate, to learn, to experience, to taste, establish new friends, drink, eat and be merry as part of the Dilmah family

May 7th-9th opened the Dilmah Global Partner Conference. Welcomed by Merrill J. Fernando, Founder and his two sons Malik and Dilhan. They are known for their great hospitality, generosity and assisting Dilmah Partners to achieve excellence in their nation, city or town and ultimately will make the difference in the lives of the Sri Lankan. New attendees had no idea what held before them. This conference had set itself apart from others.  Dilmah Representatives from the US flew across the big blue. Praful Mehta, President of Unity Brands Group, Dilmah USA, Renise Lereche, Bus.Developing Mgr. of UBG and Courtenay Carr Russo of Tropical Delight.(Where was I, well, in Maui with my boys:-) Looking at November.) 


Renise Lereshe took most of these wonderful photos. I asked her to be my eyes. She did a great job. Fun was the word of the week I can see.  I can not wait to make new friends.  Let's first have a photo rhapsody and then I will elaborate. Thank you to those that also contributed their photos.

Photo by William Gerretsen, Madal Bal      MJF Kids     

  Sri Lanka a tropical island off the southern tip of India.
Mountains, mid country, sandy beaches, lagoons, waterfalls and local conversations about the climate whether it be about the monsoons, changing winds, or the fishing conditions.  Ceylon, a country famous for
its tea, there is a tea famous for its taste, Dilmah.  A remarkable fresh tea that is changing many Sri Lankan lives.   Sri Lankan lives are changed by a percentage of global sales that stay in Sri Lanka it provides for the MJF Charitable Foundation and Dilmah Conservation.  

Mr. Fernando celebrated his birthday with the Dilmah Family enjoying the 4th Annual MJF Trophy for Excellence. A game of Cricket for the visually impaired.
Mr. Fernando's favorite. It is set up in 3 categories. B1(totally blind) B2 (partially blind) and B3 (partially sighted). Prizes were distributed by Mr. Fernando, Dilhan and Malik and the Directors of the group as well as the Dilmah Global Partners who were attending the 5th Annual Dilmah Global Conference.

 Another celebration enjoyed by all was the opening of the MJF Health Center at Somerset Estate. It commenced by a ribbon cutting.
  Photo by Hossein Varesi      MJF
All those present at the ceremony were the tea pickers, their children and the Dilmah Partner Family.  An old dispensary that was renovated and reopened with modern facilities and spacious accommodations to provide health care for the tea pickers and their families, a community of 3600 people. 
The MJF Health Center Sathyaraj the 1st Medical student from the plantation was in fact born at this Center in July 1987.
The Somerset Estate Health team was adjudged the 2nd Best HealthTeam amongst all plantations in the all island competition held recently.
This is made possible because Dilmah is truly an ethical tea company.  Consumers directly see the results from purchasing a box of Dilmah Tea.  Distributors and those in the hospitality industry were able to see first hand a vision fulfilled again.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Dilmah Tea Inspired Cuisine & Beverage - A Purpose

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A vision of purpose, creativity, giving and good eat and drink comes out of this fabulous book of recipes. Every purchase will contribute US$ 10 towards the establishment of culinary schools for underprivileged youth in Sri Lanka. This is an endeavour between the World Association of Chefs Societies' (WACS) charity arm Chefs Without Borders and the MJF Charitable Foundation.