Friday, June 22, 2012

Dilmah USA-Fancy Food Show DC

  Dilmah Tea entered the 58th Annual Fancy Food Show.  A milestone for NASFTCelebrating 60 years of retailers, distributors, restauranteurs, artisans, importers and those who connect to the food industry. It was in 1951 that the initial meetings of NASFT and came into full fruition in 1952 in New York City at Hotel Astor's ballroom inTimes Square. Jacob Javitz Convention Center is the permanent location. This year it was showcased in Washington DC with 180,000 foods and beverages that represent the best in new flavors, ideas, trends and innovations. Over 80 countries were represented.
Anticipation of a successful event was expected and a successful event it was.  Dilmah USA consisted of Praful Mehta, President of Unity Brands Group, Dilmah USA, Varsha Mehta, Director of Unity Brands Group, Renise Lereche, Development Business Management of Unity Brands and Gloria Smith, Dilmah Evangelist.
    As consumers, retailers, restauranteurs, distributors, etc are becoming more knowledgeable about tea and its relation to the tea pickers, source of packaging, fair trade and sustainability and listen to the Dilmah story many comment that these are not just buzz words or new marketing tools but reiterate back that Dilmah Tea is truly an ethical tea company that goes beyond fair trade. It was great pleasure to share the Dilmah story with an enthusiastic listener that identified there was substance and community behind Dilmah Tea and many there were.
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Praful Mehta and Renise Lereche had just returned from Sri Lanka in May from a Global Dilmah Partner Distributor Conference and Dilmah School of Tea. Visiting the MJF Charitable Foundation, a spectator at the MJF Trophy for Excellence; a game of cricket played by the blind and partially blind and reopening of the MJF Health Center at Somerset Estate, for the tea pickers and their families, gave them first hand experience what a purchased box of Dilmah Tea can significantly make a difference for the community. Dilmah Conservation brings expression through schools, partnering with the IUCN, uplifting indigenous peoples, sustainable crops in war torn lands and endangered species in the Sri Lankan landscape.  
Sharing the Dilmah story highlighting that business is a matter of human service captured the attendees heart that pulled them through the door to the world of Dilmah.   The World of Dilmah

A flux of attendees came flowing through the Dilmah booth. Neighboring booths commented on our crowds. Polish exhibitors came frequently for tea, the national number one tea in Poland. New business entrepreneurs complimented our helpfulness and information thoroughly to meet their individual needs. Thrown the question,"Why does not everyone know about Dilmah?" Impressed with our presence worldwide. Impressed with Dilmah's established events/competitions: The Culinaire, The Sommelier, Chefs and the Teamaker, The Real High Tea, Sri Lanka Bocuse d'Or, Dilmah School of Tea,   In awe of the Watte series. Watte series showcasing the 4 elevations of Sri Lanka.  Character from each elevation.  The liquor, bouquet, and taste of each tea. The 'terroir' aspect of tea as in the terroir aspect of wine making the Watte series exclusive. A tea series to match the attendees prospects from The Exceptionals, boutique t-Series in sachet or whole leaf, foodservice, Chelsey Iced Tea, Fun Teas, Exotic Teas, Green Gourmet, Gourmet, Premium, Watte Region/Watte Single Estate. Appointments with procurement management, distributors, hotels, natural food grocery chain and retailers.  Appointments that would change the Dilmah map in the US.

Dilmah Tea handpicked, harvested and packaged at the source within days not blended with other origins. Makes it garden fresh and twice the antioxidants.

                                  The hmmm and the smile after their first sip. We did our job.