Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dilmah Real High Tea- Lorriane Elliot-Part 2

Creating Afternoon or High Tea menus takes a little bit of work...... the end results are rewarding.  I had annual international tea at my home for close to a decade.  Summer International Bible Conference. An average of forty woman would come from Russia, Argentina, Holland, Zambia, Kenya, Czech Republic, Canada, Romania, South Africa, Australia, Great Brittan, India, Philippines, Mexico,  and national ladies. A different set would come every year.  
Naomi, my daughter,  at a friends afternoon tea.
   Planning the menu with the younger ladies and my faithful friends was my first step.  Dear friends every year would bring their chocolate covered strawberries, another scones, Madeleines, home made soup (yes, a soup with Southwestern flair, it was the favorite always), frittata, cheese and melba toast, oriental salad, tarts and those that lived in my hometown brought their love offerings of tasty, tasty morsels. I would spend all night making the tea sandwiches. I would choose 3 sandwiches and the fourth was open game.  The classic cucumber sandwich, curry egg sandwich, cranberry chicken salad with walnuts sandwich, and  the fourth would be the hardest one to decide.  Salmon, smoked oysters, gougeres and guilty of at the last second going through my cupboards and refrigerator and creating who knows what and pull it off successfully.  Following with the small details of lemon curd, jam and clotted cream, sparkling lemonade, chocolates, printed recipes and a tea gift to bring home.
Then the fun part and the easiest, is pulling out my china for presentation. The tiered and  cake plates, champagne flutes for the lemonade, tea cups and saucers, bowls, dessert plates, dinner plates, utensils, pressed napkins, tablecloths all done in the same night. Through the whole night I would have to drink Dilmah Tea.  An English Breakfast when I would begin to wane.  I would be alert again and  would be able to methodically finish thoroughly.  My last 2 annual Afternoon Teas were accompanied with Dilmah Teas.  Ceylon Supreme, Rose with French Vanilla, Earl Grey, Natural Green Tea with Lemongrass  and English Breakfast. Each teapot sat on a teapot warmer with a porcelain plate with the given tea. When the teapots were in place I could rest.
 I love working with young girls to teach them to be attentive to the guests needs, to serve properly, how to make a perfect pot of tea, to be responsible to bring something to the table and at their age I would expect them to keep their word if they were to offer their hospitality at the Afternoon Tea.  The most gratifying thing for me to see.  Is to see the younger girls and ladies having conversations with the older ladies listening to their stories of living over seas or mingling with the ladies visiting from represented countries.  I knew the Afternoon Tea was successful when all the ladies and myself were able to work together harmoniously that I was able to sit down myself and enjoy my cup of Dilmah Tea.  The tea would do its magic. I would recollect, relax and I was able to give my complete attention to whom I was speaking with.  I can almost feel its magic moment now; tea and conversation.  To many of these ladies that came to my home it was a highlight and they looked forward to the next Afternoon Tea.  

To serve tea in my home, you may walk in as a stranger but you will leave as a friend.

Lorraine Elliot on her 2nd Episode of Dilmah Real High Tea that will cover Tea Menus.  Remember to steep your Dilmah Tea before you begin your video and do not forget to go to the side bar and pause the Music Play list.                  

I hope this inspires your desire to open your home to serve and prepare an Afternoon or High Tea .  Nothing to be afraid of amongst friends to have it to be perfect.  Begin with good quality tea like Dilmah Tea.  The aroma, the taste of a garden fresh single origin Ceylon tea will have your guests coming back to Dilmah Tea.  Enjoy having your own Afternoon or High Tea and it will be great fun.

 Dilmah Australia will have an Dilmah Real High Tea Competition.  Please go to Real High Tea website to receive all the details.  Closes August 6, 2012


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hyderabad-Radisson Blu- Dilmah t-Bar

Newly open Hyberdad Radisson BLU Plaza was the first to launch a Dilmah t-BAR in India. The t-bar is designed to bring nature's healing herb in unimaginable variety to the 21st century tea drinker.  A tea experience that sets the mood, a great conversation, and music to make it memorable.   Dilmah designer t-Series launched the eighth t-bar of many ranges, origins and two from India's home land- Single Estate Assam and Single Estate Darjeeling.  The t-bar is an incredible avenue to enjoy tea in many variations served as cocktails, mocktails, t shots and t shakes.  An ancient herb with a modern twist.
Radisson Blu Plaza will be the rave.
Congratulations and Cheers!

Word was out that an eighth Dilmah T-Bar was going into India.  I contacted my colleague Robert Schinkel to get the details. Robert would be right there in the mix.  Robert Schinkel, tea sommelier, mixologist, bartender, trainer, speaker and representative for the MJF Charitable Foundation, Robert is a strong affiliate for Dilmah.  Becoming champion in 2009 in the The Sommelier competition in the Netherlands it opened doors to participate in 2010 Chefs and the Teamaker.  Robert has what it takes to take the ancient herb and create many variations of a classic cocktail or pure innovations.  Robert teamed up with photographer Izabela Urbaniak, Poland, and created the Dilmah Cocktails, Dilmah Mocktails, Dilmah Spa Tea recipe books.  Create for yourself and take a peek Dilmah Spa Tea Mixology.   Robert has had the opportunity to partner with Dilhan Fernando to launch Dilmah tea at various properties. Robert has developed a training program to equip the staff in proper tea preparation, training in mixology and tea and foodpairing.  It has led him to many fascinating locations as the like of such places as Phuket,Thailand, Jakarta,Indonesia, Czech Republic, Koh Samui,Thailand and of course Sri Lanka at the Dilmah School of Tea. Robert stated, "Tea is a great cocktail ingredient.  When you use top quality tea and brew it right you can make a great drink." You may follow him at Tea Gastronomy/Robert Schinkel
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 Robert Schinkel - Chefs and the Teamaker 2010

Opening night.

Rajive Maduwela explaining the Dilmah professional tea set.

Rajiv explaining the importance of water.

Robert and Rajiv Maduwela
The Dilmah t-bar.

Purchase Dilmah Tea and receive a recipe book for free.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dilmah Real High Tea- Lorraine Elliot- Part 1

My daughter, Naomi,(left0 at her first high tea.
High Tea is what a little girl naturally plays. Give her a teapot, a cup and saucer, napkins and a doll or teddy bear. She will play out the ritual with great detail.
 The British industrial revolution era was my favorite time in history. The beginning of modern history.  Medicine, inventions, ship building, science, photography, strong trade, exploration, the Pre Raphaelites excitement of every possibility could be possible. The British were in diverse places around the globe. The Sahara, deep jungles, the islands, the Amazon, exotic lands, the Serengeti and in most these nations are still influenced by British architecture, speech, tradition, education and high tea.
What I loved about the British is that where ever the day had set before them they made time for their tea. 
The tea ritual gave the tea drinker refreshment from fatigue, to ponder the day, thought, gather ones self, nibbles and delicacies, intoxicating aroma of tea, change of conversation, a cheerful disposition and then back to the realities of life.  The British understood its power.   When tea was available to the common man tea hit every economic level in British society. Tea was the catalyst to taking out the hardship out of life for a moment and the oomph to finish the job well done.  High tea in the desert. High tea in the jungle. High tea on board ship. High tea in a palace. High tea in the tea parlour,  Tea in a humble abode.

Dilmah Tea understands very well the power of tea. The ancient leaf has come back to modern day with its proper status.  A Single Origin Ceylon tea has taken back its place. Tea was imported from single origins from many far away lands and prized for its purity, quality and distinct taste from each origin. Blending are sometimes are cut with cheaper teas and with other origins and the variety, character, and the subtleties of a fine tea diminishes. Modern day has not changed Dilmah's traditional harvesting.  The tea picker are not replaced with machines.  Dilmah tea is processed in the Orthodox Traditional manner not in CTC (Cut, Twist, and Curl) manner robbing its flavor, aroma, variety and character of the Camellia Sinensis.  To keep tradition alive and well Dilmah keeps a percentage of global profits in Sri Lanka to give back to the tea picker, their families, community and to preserve Ceylon tea.  Revisiting in innovation with events as Dilmah Real High Tea( A rendition of the English High Tea or with modern flair. Properly setting the table with the proper tea to food pair with tea inspired savories, jams, desserts and scones.), The Sommelier, The Culinaire, Chef and the Teamaker, Tea in the Five Senses all to bring  enjoyment to the chef, mixologist, the restauranteur, hotelier and our own desire to create with tea.  Dilmah Tea has brought top quality, garden fresh, single estate Ceylon tea, single region Ceylon tea, first flush teas, White Silver Tips tea and packaged at the source that every person in the world at any economic level can enjoy a fine cuppa of tea in that moment of time. http://www.dilmahtea.com/

Lorraine Elliott, author to "Not Quite Nigella"
shares the many ways High Tea can be preformed in tradition or approaching it to make it more to each individual's style and taste.  Sometimes we need to be swepted off our feet to another land, another time and tradition with its pomp and circumstance can only do.   
 Please prepare a cup of Dilmah Tea before the video. 
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Not Quite Nigella is Lorraine Elliott, a cake and food enthusiast who believes that cakes belong in an art gallery. Born and raised in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, she lived on the Lower North Shore for 8 years and has now returned to the Eastern Suburbs where she lives with her food-apathetic husband who takes most of the restaurant photos for her blog whilst she takes all the still photos of the food that she cooks.

This will be a series of "Dilmah Real High Tea with Lorraine Elliot"