Monday, January 21, 2013

New Zealand-Real High Tea Challege

Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge premiered in New Zealand on the professional category.  I was very interested on their the extraordinary innovations inspirations from strong ethnic influences.  Living in Arizona for the last 30 years I always  pondered how a high tea or an afternoon tea can become part of the Arizonan culinary crowd. 
Arizona has its own southwestern flavors from cooked cactus, prickly pear, margaritas, chili, Mexican food, Native American food and we seek the finest of restaurants in French, Brazilian, Moroccan, Greek, Lebanese, Italian and every eclectic fine cuisine there is to offer.   Arizona appreciates an award winning chef, restaurant, hotel and/or casino its crowds flock to the premises and rave reviews soon follow.   Phoenix is a hub of fine chefs and offers many culinary and mixology events through out the year waiting to see if there are any new salivating cuisine come to the forefront.
My respects go to the chefs that is able to make a great cuppa tea and work their senses, the eye, the nose and the palate to create tea food pairing, tea infused finger foods, desserts, cocktails/mocktails tied all together creating a wonderful tea experience. 

Dilmah is the freshest tea and every chef uses the freshest ingredients for his/hers cuisine.  The chefs keen palate is able to identify flavors and can separate the different nuances. Dilmah Tea is a single origin pure Ceylon tea a perfect ingredient without the blending of other origins or cheaper teas that will fight flavors.  

My excitement in the Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge New Zealand  placed Arizona on the High Tea/Afternoon radar.  New Zealand has strong British cuisine, Polynesian culinary influences: Moari, Tongan, Fijians, Samoan, and Naiuans, and enjoying the Indian, Chinese, Malay, Japanese and Thai cuisine.   Traditional High Tea meet 21st Century High Tea. 

 Arizona can express itself in a Southwestern sort of High or Afternoon Tea way.  Now, that would be a Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge ,Arizona.  Arizona would make its mark in the USA.  A British tradition with a Southwestern Flair.