Why Dilmah?

Why Dilmah?  The philosophy of "Business is a matter of human service" is the umbrella to the Five Pillars of Dilmah-
Integrity, Quality, Ethics, Tradition, Our Customer.

Integrity is not compromised when Dilmah is governed by honesty to a people, the environment, to science or the tea industry. Dilmah is a Single Origin, Single Region or Single Estate- Concepts pioneered by Dilmah. The customers will receive and expect exactly what Dilmah claims in its tea.
Quality extends to the equipment we use to maintain an industry leading standard of manufacturing excellence, to our packaging, and presentation of our tea.
Ethics is the worlds first ethical tea. To seek fairness in benefiting the workers and other the Ceylon Tea industry through its success.
Tradition in a ancient beverage reaching far back as 5,000 years still performs the traditional and orthodox process perfected over generations.
Our Customer is highly valued with Dilmah. Dilmah does just promote a brand but educates the consumers by guidance in evaluating tea, understanding and experiencing tea in an authentic manner. It is tea that emphasizes the quality and personality of each tea.  Each tea is selected because it completes a range of experiences offered by the collection as a whole.